Saturday, June 26, 2010

Great scrubbies

Today I tested out some scrubbies from Galwaygirldesigns shop. They are great! They scrubbied everything without leaving a scratch. Where have these been all of my dishwashing life? The shop has some adorable purses in different sizes and patterns. Come check it out!

fixed sideways picture

Romantic B&B in Reedsburg

For our second wedding anniversary we went to an adorable bed and breakfast in Reedsburg Wisconsin. We had a little cabin in the woods all to ourselves. It had a porch to sit on and watch the birds, a little fireplace, and a huge hot tub. In the morning a hot breakfast was brought right to our door. It was a wonderful weekend spent with my amazing husband.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

flowers from my garden

Cute frog from the garden

No berries for me. :(

We went out to pick more berries today and discovered that berry picking is finished for the year. :( I wanted to go last week but it rained everyday. I guess I will just have to use berries from the grocery store to make jam. The first batch did not make enough for us and gift giving. No jam for you! I was also thinking of making raspberry jelly. The farm where we pick raspberries is out of business. :( Maybe I will just have to wait for the fall and apple picking to make apple butter. Anyone know of a good recipe?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Latest update

I have had a busy month so far. There has been a ton of rain everyday for the last 2 weeks so I have not had to worry about watering. The strawberry plants are growing well. The raspberries and apples are getting taller too. I think that the rain may have killed 3 of the lilac bushes. We also planted 3 arborvite in the front yard.
The wildflower area is growing pretty fast too. There are several toads that live in there too.
With the storms lately the tomato plants and pepper plants look pretty beat-up. I was going to go strawberry picking today but it was storming. We went berry picking last week and I made strawberry jam.