Thursday, April 22, 2010

Medium steps

Here are some more Earth Day tips. These tips are a little more involved but have more of an impact on the environment.

-reduce the amount of meat that you eat. Instead of eating a chicken breast for dinner eat half of one and add a side salad. Have one dinner per week (or more) that are meatless.

-When you do buy new clothing consider looking into bamboo fabrics. Cotton uses a lot of water and pesticides to grow.

-install a low flow shower head. If you put in one that has a "pause" button then you can turn the water down while you shampoo and soap up.

-If you have a garden or yard install a rain barrel. (Check local codes to make sure it is allowed)

-Learn to deal with weeds in your yard. All the pesticides you use end up in the ground water. In the middle of the summer allow your grass to dry out a little. If you must water then water early in the morning to decrease evaporation.

-buy from ecologically responsable companies. Simple, simply green and 7th generation are some of my faves.

-Compost. There are several methods of outdoor composting and vermicomposting. We have an indoor naturemill composter and love it!

-unplug items that you do not use everyday. Anything with a little light that indicated it is on uses power even when not in use

-if you have old appliances look into purchasing new energy star appliances

-get a home energy audit. They can tell you what changes to make in order to make your home more energy efficient

-keep your lawnmower, snowblower etc. in good condition. Machines that are dirty and not working well use more gas to run.

-plan activities ouside. The more time you spend in nature the more you will want to protect it

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