Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shop I just found out about

Ok, so I seem to be doing a double theme this week but that is ok. Just go with it!

Here is a super cute bunny I found Mamimadelts shop on etsy. This would make a cute gift for Valentine's day or birthday. Cute for a child or adult. It has that cozy homemade feel that makes me think of grandma's house. I just love it!

CityofKaris has a beautiful butterfly pendant in her shop.
The blue butterfly is very striking. I am also intrigued by the
12 month mystery jewelry subscription. I new surprise every month.
Who doesn't love that?

Sheleycalypso has a great Valentine's necklace for you.
I like the different colors and sizes of beads used.
This would go with lots of red or pink outfits. Perfect for
Valentine's Day!

Please check out these etsy shops for more fun items.


  1. Really creative stuff here! Love the nemo, seabreeze and butterfly pendants...The Stalker is adorable ;-)

  2. I love the red cutie