Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend activities

So much for geocaching this weekend. I did some goecaching on Friday so I should be content. This is quite an interesting addiction. We went to Gurnee to buy some winter coats. I had to finally accept the fact that I need a new coat. I tend to get really attached to things and do not want to replace them. The lining on my old coat was shredded. sigh I was able to find a coat that is almost exactly like my old one. What can I say? I do not like change. Burlington coat factory has an insane amount of coats. Another thing that I was hoping to do this weekend was to drive on rustic roads and look at leaves. Here is a map of rustic roads in southeastern wisconsin. Maybe next week. Next weekend I am hoping to go on the trail of history in IL. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. I love going to reenactment/history kinds of events. Again, I am a total nerd. I think it is fun to learn about how things were done in another time and place.

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