Sunday, September 30, 2012

Busy weekend

This was a busy weekend. On Saturday we went on a guided hike at Starved Rock state park in Illinois. The park is a beautiful place to hike. The trails are easy to navigate and have lots of great photography opportunities. It was so busy on Saturday that it was a little overwhelming. The hike was supposed to go on a trail that went behind a waterfall. The winter, spring and summer have been so dry that there is no waterfall or stream. Maybe next time. On the way home we went geocaching and I dropped off a geocoin. On Sunday we went to Fiddlesticks for breakfast and then the East Troy railroad museum. It was a lot smaller than I thought but it was still interesting. Then we went to get caramel apples at Elegant farmer in Mukwanogo. I love caramel apples! I put lots of nuts on mine. There were lots of people at the farm, as usual, but it we were able to get a parking spot and get our apples in reasonable time. Then we went geocaching again. Since there are so few caches in East Troy I put out a new one. It has not been "approved" and published on the site yet but sometime this week. In one of the caches that we found, there was a "seed cache" so I took that and plan to hide that soon. Probably near East Troy again. After reading about the Starved Rock lodge and all the events that they have I learned about a woman's weekend. It is for learning about archery, hiking,horseback riding, fire starting, tree and flower identification, fishing, canoeing etc. I think it sounds like a great weekend. I may have to look more into that event.

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