Sunday, September 2, 2012

School starts again on Tuesday. I think that I am ready. I think..... I have a small kindergarten class this year. I am so excited that we have smart boards this year. My new favorite website is smart exchange There are so many lessons already made up. They can also be modified to fit your needs. I love technology!! The older teachers in our building are freaking out about the new technology. We also have a new math program and a new phonics program this year. Lots of changes but this is good. I am hoping that our district will be making some positive changes in terms of grades and reputation. My other fave sites are What are some of your fave educational sites? What else is going on in my life? I had a busy summer! We went to St. Lucia to celebrate our 4th anniversary. I added new items to my etsy site. The 2 new coffee shops in town needed to be checked out. I read a lot of books (I think the last count was 23) I also started geocaching. For my birthday my husband is getting me a GPS or geocaching. This site explains geocaching

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