Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School

Well, I made it through the first day of school. It went pretty well. It was so hot in the room that sweat was dripping off of my chin. Gross! I plan on bringing a fan in tomorrow. My class is pretty small. So far it is 18. Frequently parents enroll their kids during the first or second week of school. This drives me nuts! Who does not know that school starts in September! There are signs up everywhere. I was surprised at the number times that I gave a direction and had a kid say no. It is not like the project was the difficult. We were cutting and gluing a school bus. One kid kept yelling out "When it playtime?" He quickly shut up when I told him that I make the choice when playtime was and if he kept asking he would not have any playtime. Yikes, get some manners. Hopefully I made the point that I actually expect them to follow directions. (Without seeming like a total monster.) No one cried so that is a good sign. Tomorrow we will be working on name writing. I have several projects for this week that involve writing, tracing, building with letter blocks and painting their names. We will sort names by how many letters in the names, what letters they have that are the same and how many names we have that begin with the same letter. By the end of the week they will know everyones names pretty well.

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